Paraclete Industries, Inc.
6732 W. Coalmine Ave.
Unit #440
Littleton, CO 80123
Tel: 303-984-9614
Fax: 303-484-5251


Paraclete Industries, Inc.

Electric Heat

Electric Heating and Automation Solution Company

Components and Systems for Industrial Users and OEMS

Strip Immersion Band Tubular Circulation Cartridge Cloth Heating Jackets Resistance Wire Quartz Tubing

Explosion-Proof & Industrial Heaters
Heat Trace, Heat Tape, Insulation, Controls & Accessories




Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets & Container Heaters Snow Melting

Off Grid Power Systems Floor Warming Systems


Paraclete offers low volt heat trace solutions for off grid in hazardous locations

  • Low Volt Heat Trace

  • Solar Modules/Panels

  • Mounting Kits

  • Battery Charge Controller

  • System Controller and Accessories

  • Battery Enclosures

  • Complete solar system with heat trace



Liquid Level Sensors & Controls Thermocouples, Sensors & RTDs